What is Find Black Santa?

Find Black Santa is a mobile application designed to connect families with REAL Black Santas.  Search your area for events, mall Santas, photo shoots and Santas for hire. Enjoy!

I can't see every event in the U.S. on my map.

Your map screen will load the the closest 48 events based upon your geolocation.  You do have the option of switching to the list screen which includes all events.  Click the icon on the bottom right hand corner of your screen and select an event further away from your current location.  Once you have done this, toggle back to the map screen and you might find that all events may appear.  This is a technical glitch and does not always work. Try out it out and give us your feedback!

I am a Black Santa or organization and would like to be featured on Find Black Santa.

Great! Send us an email at info@findblacksanta.com and tell us about it. We are always looking for new events and Black Santas to add to our app!

Where can I learn more about Find Black Santa?

Check out our website!